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standard provisions

Today, 05:54 AM

the primary, intermediate products extended to the floor substrate, building templates, plywood, flooring, furniture and other end products. Zhejiang Province Consumer Protection Committee announced the Hangzhou mahogany furniture market consumer survey results. The results show: 'moisture' ralph lauren pas cher.

According to local standards in Zhejiang Province, mahogany furniture sales labels should include: product name, specification model, origin, factory name, main material, accessories, paint quality, quality grade, product standard number, matching number, pricing unit, sales price. However, many businesses in the actual

operation of the standard provisions of the content of less or not marked, or marked in the inconspicuous place. Second, the non-mahogany wood chaos ';' mahogany name, the 'iron papaya' called 'red sandalwood' and the 'old Yi Su wood' called 'Brazil pear' and 'ldquo' and 'ldquo' ; African red sandalwood 'called'

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floor production pavement project

Today, 05:42 AM

thousands, hundreds of millions of the entire decoration materials, assuming that 100 square meters or 200 square meters, if the floor is 200 dollars, then only forty thousand dollars,composite marine decking so the price and the house Than it is, it is still relatively low. So, I think the decorative materials will improve. Because in fact all in the price, it does not rise I think it is impossible. Moderator: give us to predict how much can increase? Song Jianlong: the gains are different, but this increase I think it should be about 10%. That is, at this stage on the basis of 10% may be adjusted.contemporary outdoor furniture Moderator: I see to participate in the exhibition, there are many foreign manufacturers, there are

many foreign professional and technical personnel to participate in the exhibition,composite decking manufactures I would like to ask you forest workers in the overseas market, our products have no advantage, where the advantages? Song Jianlong: China's first solid wood flooring products produced in our Jinqiao, these years of continuous development, and now we export in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, has spread all over the five continents, including Africa, South America and so on. wall panels kitchenThe quality of the floor has been their recognition, and because the right of our floor resources from our Changbai Mountain, we have a unique advantage. So, after they visited

our factory, we saw so much rich resources, determined to use our floor confidence. And the quality of our floor to meet the European standards, so they come here to order and orders,diy bench with backrest plans to prosper many manufacturers are more than ten years of cooperation in the history. So, in this respect, he is very recognized for our quality. Moderator: Thank you for accepting our interview, thank you. Song Jianlong: Thank you. Recently,concrete landscaping ideas Jilin forest workers a new generation of imitation wood molded flooring officially put on the market, it is the company following the strengthening of composite flooring, multi-layer laminate flooring, the latest high-tech products with high

furniture industry development

Today, 05:34 AM

the furniture industry development that is vast difficult area and furniture design create more communication opportunities. Association of Swedish timber trade also thanks exterior wood sheeting Tyrone lumber of Chinese furniture association, China and wood the support of the partner such as current association and help.

10 Sweden that this second ginseng exhibits curium wooden industry expresses, this the organization joins association of trade of timber of very satisfactory Sweden facilities of cheap wood-plastic oriented strand board production of furniture of Chinese Guangzhou international and burden exhibition, each enterprise is harvested quite abundant;

Exhibit major of the person discharge of the meeting, audience to spend also gave Swedish enterprise to leave deep impression. Guangdong is designed as Chinese furniture plastic wood decking Sample uk and imports and exports of manufacturing base, lumber reachs easy key position, already made Swedish wood trade association and curium attention of wooden company emphasis and the area that strengthen cooperation. outside wpc deck

Chemical properties of wood

Today, 05:30 AM

Wood is a complex organism, the main component of carbon accounted for about 44%, hydrogen accounted for about 6%, about 42.5% oxygen, and other 0.5% below the nitrogen and othervinyl porch post elements of mineral elements of the following ash. (Mainly calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron and manganese). Wood also contains a small amount of sulfur, chlorine, silicon, phosphorus and other elements. The main components of dry wood are lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose. Cellulose is a glucose-derived crystalline polymer, accounting for about 41 to 43%.

Hemicellulose in the deciduous trees Outdoor Patio Roof Options accounted for about 20%, 30% in the coniferous trees, mainly by the five carbon sugar in an irregular way polymerization. Lignin accounted for 27% of deciduous trees and 23% of conifers. Lignin is hydrophobic due to its benzene ring.

Paper processing is Hardie Board Siding Used for Floor the focus of the separation of cellulose and lignin, and then use cellulose to paper. Considering its chemical composition, the difference between hardwood and softwood is in the composition of lignin. Hardwood lignin is mainly derived from mustard alcohol and methotrexate, and cork lignin is mainly derived from methoxyphenols. Extracts Wood in addition to lignocellulose, there are many low molecular weight organic compounds, wood extracts are fatty acids, resin acid, wax and terpene. For example, cedar plants will release rosin to avoid pests. Wood extract can WPC Balcony Floor - Seven Trust be used as oil rosin, turpentine and rosin.

focus on home decoration network.Solid wood glass

Today, 04:23 AM

soft or moderate. Birch flexible, good processing performance, smooth surface, good paint and gluing performance. Commonly used in carved parts. Birch is mid-range timber, solid wood and veneer are common. Second, the solid wood bed to buy method 1, some people may value storage function, in fact, bed as a place to rest the main function is not storage, the secondary function is not storage, I said the reason is that storage is not very Good choice,

because the bed is the longest place to be the head of the people, and locker bacteria is very easy to breed. 2, bed and bed with the rigorous, this time is to see the work, and not necessarily to strict fit, but not too much, sometimes a style, a manufacturer, these details will be different, pay attention to selection. 3, I alone come up with this point, because it is easy to be ignored in the furniture trade - the two sides of the bed are stuck out, if stuck, is appropriate for

your room. I see a lot of people in the mall to buy a bed are forgotten this, are sent home, just think of it, too much trouble. Must pay attention to! 4, comfort is the first, to personally try, combined with their habit before going to bed, sleep habits. Be sure to try to know that inappropriate, even if you see that look, take a step to think about how kind of how different materials, the size of the feeling of a great difference. The above is home to introduce the solid

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